About us

Eagle Crest was established in 1993 by developer R.P. Fakkema. The community surrounds an Eagle Preserve that has been home  to a pair of nesting eagles for many years. Each spring we witness at least one and most years, two fledgling eaglets being coached by their parents on how to fly and forage for their next meal.  It is a show we always look forward to.  Lucky for us, the Bald Eagle population has grown to healthy populations on Whidbey Island. Our nesting eagles continue to thrill us with their magnificent overhead flights and the sound of their signature chirp or as we call it “the morning wake-up call”.

Mission Statement

Eagle Crest Board of Directors will represent The owners within the Eagle Crest Community Association in a professional manner ensuring that our community is perceived as a unique and premier Oak Harbor neighborhood.  The affairs will be managed in a way that preserves the harmony of our natural settings while respecting the needs and goals of each owner.